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About Us


Orman Building Materials Trading is located in the United Arab Emirates, in the city Abu Dhabi and in Ras Al-Khaimah.

Because of the progress of Urban, who was bestowed by God on the people of the UAE and the good of this country.

we have established Orman for the maintenance of the buildings

in 2001 and was our specialty limited paint and decor and our attempt to give back to a country we committed ourselves to serve its citizens in all honesty and conscience we

collected an asset and a great deal of sincerity in dealing and Loyalty In the installation of materials

and speed of delivery and accuracy thanks to the implementation experience of our management and our trained workers

Over the years, Orman has expanded its product range, where both the design and manufacturing processes have become increasingly

sophisticated, using certified materials that have enabled the company to retain superior quality standards which are vital traits

of any respectable product “Made in Italy”. Orman is a Trading company to watch out for on a national and indeed an international scale,

visible on the market and forever present in the best interior design magazines.

Despite the changes, the group has made to its structure over the course of time,

two values have stayed firmly in place: it’s still an all-Italian Europ brand, a family-run business.

Every single product is imported from different Europe countries.

As for its management, all the major decision-making positions are held by family members, which helps it take immediate,

well-informed action in any situation, with shared goals that ensure clarity and determination in the Group’s strategic moves.

thanks our clients for trusting and believing us.