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Roten solid ash

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Roten is the example of how a simple material can be the starting point for a beautiful and unique object.

It was created as a tribute to the Valencian traditions, artisans, craftsmen and industry during the late 19th century that manufactured wooden furniture with an extraordinary quality.

Specifically, the collection of Roten stems from a heritage of furniture that was manufactured with curved wood and rattan.

These products continue to work in perfect harmony in contemporary environments. A good timeless design is the inspiration for Roten. A series of elements of individual furniture which respect the traditions of the artisans and due to this are only available in white lacquer satin, black satin and solid wood.

It can be said to be respecting the spirit of the furniture from where the inspiration came. ROTEN is inspired by the traditional style rocking chairs with curved wood and rattan. Adapted for more modern and cosmopolitan bathroom environments, it gives it a point of distinction with tradition, design and a modern edge unique to this series.

Technical Specification

  • Brand Naxani
  • Finish